September 2021 Daily Photos


Fell off a bit towards the end of August, but picking things back up again!

Day 1: Might be boring, but it was SO good. Cheddar, monterey jack, and mozzarella bits and topped with fresh basil.
Day 2: First time using saffron. Saffron yellow rice, saffron chicken, roasted tomatoes from the garden, a few slices of garlic Gouda, and some broccoli because I felt I needed something green.
Day 3: Another day. Another hike.
Day 4: Went exploring downtown and decided it was a perfect day for Monster milkshakes.
Day 13: I’ve been slacking and need to make it a point to be better 🙁 Sorry guys! – Found these at the store today and LOVE them!
Day 14: It’s a little messy, but I think I have a tea problem.
Day 15: Burgers! Mayo, lettuce, tomato (from the garden), bacon, cheese, fried onion, and BBQ sauce.

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