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Hi everyone! I made this blog to primarily document the recipes and treats I make, but it also works as a bit of a personal blog. The “Adventures” category in the header up there will show you these posts, mostly just showcasing the interesting things I do, locally and abroad. This is the first of these adventure posts.

Today, we — my partner and I — decide to go to the local Nature Center. The Nature Center is a cool place, full of a few dozen miles of hiking trails in a hilly forest and across a prairie, in an old quarry, and near a historic farmhouse. All in all, a lot of neat and interesting stuff!

Mammoth sunflowers at the historic farmstead.

The first stop we made was the farm and garden at the historic farmstead. They’re mostly closed to the public due to COVID, but we got in to check out the sunflowers. The picture doesn’t do them justice; these monsters are easily 13 feet tall! I planted some giants this year, but they didn’t get quite this big. I love them!

We left the farmstead and hit some of the main trails next. It was a gorgeous 70 degrees out, and overcast. I’m weird; I prefer a cloudy sky to empty blue. I don’t know why, I just always have. We stuck to the easy trails this time, none of the big hills or the long-haul trail through the prairie.

An easy trail through the nature center.

All in all, it was a nice, leisurely afternoon out. It was good to get out of the house and enjoy the weather in between rainstorms. Unfortunately, the river walk portion of the trail was closed. One of the worst storms last week knocked down a few dead trees, and they fell and broke part of the river overlook. In fact, we talked to the lady working the desk at the visitor center, and she said the last time this happened, they had to use a barge to haul in lumber to repair it. Wild!

There are seven turtles in this picture. Can you find them?

There’s not much to this first adventure. We go to the Nature Center fairly often, so we’re familiar with the trails, the animals, and the atmosphere. Maybe I’ll make another post next time we go, and check out the overlook with the excellent view, or the repaired river walk. Stay tuned for that, and other adventures in the future! We’re definitely going back — and maybe somewhere else — once the autumn colors start showing.

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